Meet the Maker


Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name is Jody and I am the creator of Good Wheel Ceramics.

Born and raised in the Southern US, I'm a recent transplant to Winnipeg, Manitoba. There's a bit of a long story there, involving my favorite Canadian and convincing her to marry me. She, in turn, convinced me to trade in good southern cooking for the prairies and a cute pup, and here we are in the heart of the Canadian prairies. 

I guess you could say I stumbled into ceramics. I have a bachelors in microbiology and master's in public health, and I never knew I had single creative bone in my body. I signed up for a ceramics class after a friend showed me all the cool little wonky pots in her apartment and I thought it was the coolest thing to essentially turn mud into things you could use around the house!

Pottery became my primary hobby during my master's and I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The first time I drank from a mug I made I felt what a first-time parent must feel when holding their newborn baby. I know this is a ridiculous analogy, but now I love making clay babies for other people to enjoy. I'm still giddy every time I get pots back from the kiln!

Gifting pottery that I'd made was exciting and a bit of a vulnerable move for me, but the overwhelmingly positive responses by friends were inspiring. Thanks to Covid-19 (that's weird to say, I know), I've decided to take the plunge and turn this passion into a small business venture and it looks like I'll have the opportunity to focus on The Good Wheel full-time for a while. I don't know when people consider themselves a potter or a ceramicist, but I would probably call myself a 'serious hobbyist'. As a detailed-oriented person, I enjoy the effort of making pieces within batches as similar as possible. However, with every piece being hand thrown on the wheel and the chemistry involved with glaze and firings, no two pieces will be the same.

When I'm not throwing, glazing or doing other business related things, you can find me mountain biking, camping or out on an adventure with my partner in crime and our pup in the Canadian back-country.

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- Jody

Photo by Gabrielle Touchette Photography