Speckled White - Butter Bell

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Bring the hygge home with you, when you welcome pieces from our Speckled collection into your life. We think natural textures and tones of these pieces create that feeling of inviting a little nature in, while remaining tasteful and polished.

For our fellow butter lovers out there, this is for you! Allow your favorite butter to soften, then mold it into the bell-shaped top. Add a tad of water to the base, just enough to just touch the base of the bell. And enjoy spreadable butter 24/7. 


Items in this listing are dishwasher and microwave safe.

All of our pots are hand thrown and individually glazed, meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same, even within a set. We try to highlight any imperfections in photos of each piece to demonstrate the natural beauty that accompanies handmade ceramics. We do not sell pieces in which glaze imperfections have compromised integrity or function of the item, but please use the zoom feature to ensure you are comfortable with any irregularities on the piece.