Mini Hanging Planter - Pacifica

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This adorable mini planter was once destined to become a half handle mug. A fun way to experiment with texture or a number of things, mini hanging planters have history. A cute end result that we figured you plant parents might be intrigued by. The coziest home for a teeny succulent.

Includes faux leather cord for hanging. No drainage hole. 

3" height
3.5" diameter


All of our pots are hand thrown and individually glazed, meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same, even within a set. We try to highlight any imperfections in photos of each piece to demonstrate the natural beauty that accompanies handmade ceramics. We do not sell pieces in which glaze imperfections have compromised integrity or function of the item, but please use the zoom feature to ensure you are comfortable with any irregularities on the piece.