Barrel Mug - MADE TO ORDER

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People who pick up a Barrel Mug: 
"A nice beer stein" 
"Wow, that's so much lighter than I expected." 
"Now that's a cup of coffee" 
"I could use this for soup" 

This is a Monday morning coffee cup for when you don't want to get up for a refill. In our home, we mainly use them for evening tea. We've heard it all, and the Barrel Mug does (and holds) it all. The four-finger handle adds a little security when you might need it, too.  

Choose your fave mug body, pair it with the glaze that speaks to you and have it delivered in 4-6 weeks, once we’ve made just what you asked for. Get a full set of mugs in one colour or go full on mix ’n match smorgasbord. You do you.

Made to Order listings are here for a limited time. We'll close the made to order option when we reach a realistic number of orders we can fulfill in 4-6 weeks.



  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 4" 
  • Capacity: 22-24 fl. ounces (~700mL) 
  • Our colorways are dishwasher and microwave safe. Do not put gold lustre products in the microwave! We suggest hand washing items with gold luster. 
  • All of our pottery is hand thrown and individually glazed, meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same. The dimensions and glaze finish might vary slightly from piece to piece--handmade qualities we embrace.