Wholesale Pottery:  

Thank you so much for your interest in adding Good Wheel Ceramics to your collection. Building partnerships we can be proud of is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.   

Please send us a quick note here with  
1) your location/ method(s) of selling (e-commerce, brick and mortar, gallery, gift box resale, etc.) 
(2) a description AND number of items you are interested in (e.g., 6 Coastal Fog A-frame mugs, 6 Sea glass Mini-barrel mugs, 12 Speckled white Espresso cups). On request, we will send you our current wholesale list with prices. 
(3) your timeline or deadline for receiving your order, if any 

We are a one potter show over here with limited production rates, so wholesale partners are carefully considered. We ask that you understand that pottery is tricky business and although we haven’t had issues yet, the are many stages where clay may crack or the chemistry of glazes react in unexpected ways in the kiln, and we will let you know if there will be any delays.  


  • We currently operate at 40% off suggested retail prices for wholesale pottery. 
  • Opening orders: $350 minimum (approx. 16 mugs, for context), 50% deposit
  • Reorders of previous product: no deposit required 
  • Rush charge: $50 (less than 6 weeks) 
  • We are located in Qualicum Beach. Pickup is free, local delivery surcharge of $15.  


  • Shipping costs are estimated in the beginning and the final cost is added on once your order is packed up. Shipping charges depend on weight and box dimensions.  
  • Full payment is due before shipping.  
  • Wholesale pottery is made to order and typically ready to ship in 6 weeks. During high volume times, a longer lead time may be necessary. This will be requested by us, if necessary, before your order is invoiced. 
  • No returns will be accepted because return shipping ceramics is a tricky task.  
  • Please notify us of any damages or issues immediately after delivery so we can resolve it.  

Handmade Quality 

  • All pottery from the Good Wheel is handcrafted and slight variations in size and appearance are characteristics of handmade pottery. If you feel you received defective merchandise, please notify us as soon as possible.